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“What is a notary public and why do I have to use one?”

In New South Wales, notary publics who are sometimes referred to a public notaries, are solicitors or barristers appointed by the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

As such I have been granted the power to certify documents, witness signatures, administer oaths and undertake a range of functions for both national and international use. The Public Notaries Act 1997 sets out the recommended fees for my service and how I am to act in this role. My seal and signature are officially recorded in the database held by the Australian Government Department of Finance and Trade (DEFAT), the government entity authorised to issue Apostille or Authentication certificates.

What can a Public Notary do?

A public notary is an impartial witness who ensures that documents and signatures are genuine and that persons who enter an agreement do so willingly and knowingly. In these times where fraud is about the notary public creates a trustworthy environment where strangers and foreign nationals are able to share documents with confidence. Accordingly, you must bring sufficient photographic identification with you such as a driver licence or passport. For certificates of studies, DEFAT requires that such documents are verified by the study institutions. This can usually be undertaken by approaching the registrar of your school, college or university and obtaining confirmation by email of your qualification, please have the institution email the confirmation directly to my office.

Do you need a copy or the original for a document to be  notarised?

For a document to be notarised I need to see the original and not a copy. When I witness your signature or take an oath I only need to ensure that you understand the document and agree to its contents. On that basis, I do not need to know the contents or the language in which it is written.

If you need any documents notarised please make an appointment by ringing me on my mobile or emailing me. I am available during office hours at my city office or after hours and weekends at my Riverwood office.

If I can assist you or anyone you know please do not hesitate in ringing me on 0419 233 670.

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