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I have just had a telephone call from a client who told me that:

“I have a document to go overseas, who can witness my signature and certified the documents as being true documents.”

In this newsletter I wish to remind everyone that I am a public notary and I wish to discuss when you require my services as a public notary.

If you have a document to be signed and used overseas or copy of the document that needs to be certified as a true copy of an original document, you will require the services of a public notary. In Australia, a public notary must be a solicitor holding an unrestricted practising license for a period of five years, who after passing the appropriate course, has been appointed by the Supreme Court of that state as a public notary. In New South Wales public notaries are governed by the Public Notaries Act which includes a recommended scale of fees.

Once you have had a public notary witness your signature or certified document as being a true copy of the original that document you will need that notarised document to be authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, commonly referred to as DEFAT. In addition, you will then need to have the document authenticated by the consular office or embassy of the country in which the document will be used.

As part of my service as a notary public I am able to help in drafting the required documents needed in different countries. It is very often the case that documents are needed urgently. To meet such occasions, I and am available both after hours and on weekends and contactable on my mobile.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you or anyone you know has a need of a public notary.

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