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The financial aspects of family relationships can be emotionally troubling.  JCL Legal is a Sydney based law firm that understands the difficulties couples face when arranging their financial affairs before they get married or enter into a permanent relationship, and, of course, when a marriage or de facto relationship ends and there are property and the care of the children to consider.

Our family lawyers are amongst some of the best in Sydney, we take the time to listen to your concerns and work with you to determine the best way forward. We consider your whole situation and take the time to understand your feelings and your needs. We have the experience and expertise to provide advice,  enabling you to make a clear path through the hurricane that surrounds you. We will help you find a safe way through the turmoil as quickly and effectively as possible. Whatever your situation, our team of family and divorce lawyers at JCL Legal, conveniently located in the Sydney CBD,  have the experience both in and outside of the courtroom to guide you through this difficult time.

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Our team of solicitors can help with all aspects of family law including the below:

Common questions we get asked

The Family Law Act covers both marriages and de-facto relationships. There are many misunderstandings surrounding Family Law which can be confusing, to assist we have provide some general answers below to several of the most common queries our team of family lawyers are asked.

As each situation is individual the below information is provided only as an assistance to understand some of the aspects regarding Family Law, and cannot be considered as legal advice. In order to provide you with the best advice and service, our team of family and divorce lawyers are available for an introductory half-hour interview where you can discuss with one of our lawyers your particular circumstance at a discounted fee of $110.00 including GST.

There is no concept of fault in the Family Law Act regarding divorce. The Court has power to grant a divorce as long as two conditions have been fulfilled:
i.    The parties have been separated for 12 months or longer; and
ii.    There is no likelihood of getting back together again.

The Family Law Act does not have any concept of custody. Under the Act a child or children either live with a parent, or spend time with a parent. The Act recognises that a child/children need a mother and a father and commences from the position that it is in the best interests of the child that they spend significant time with both of their parents and then considers all factors to determine how each parent will spend time with a child.

The Family Law Act recognises that conditions may become unbearable for a person to remain in the family home and may chose to leave under those circumstances. The Family Law Act recognises the assets of the relationship at the date of separation and the need for children to have a continuing relationship with their parents.

When considering making Property Orders the Family Court considers many factors. It will make Orders on the basis of contribution taking into account that The Family Law Act recognises that there are both financial and non-financial contributions that contribute to the acquisition of the assets of a relationship. It takes into consideration the contribution of a person as homemaker and/or parent. Those roles taken on by one partner allows the other partner to be gainfully employed and contribute economically which they otherwise could not have undertaken except for the efforts of their partner.

The parties to a marriage or a de-facto relationship may make an application for Consent Orders to be made by the Family Court. The Consent Orders must be drafted carefully and set out the terms to which the parties have agreed. It must reflect the principles of being “just and equitable” and “otherwise proper”. It requires the parties to receive independent legal advice and for the lawyers who give that advice to provide a certificate as to that advice to be attached to the Consent Orders. Consent Orders can be made either during a marriage or within 12 months of a divorce and with respect to de-facto relationships from the date of separation and up to 2 years after separation. The Act provides for Consent Orders to be made after these limitation dates in special circumstances.

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If you are looking for the best family lawyer in Sydney to help provide clarity with your situation, please contact us either by using our contact form below or telephone our office on 02 8215 1588. If you need assistance out of office hours please telephone Mr Jeffrey Choy on 0419 233 670. As a special service to our Chinese clients we have a Chinese language telephone number where you can speak to Ms Juliette Chang on 0426 282 788.

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Jeffrey Choy

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Jeffrey Choy

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