Australia is governed by The Rule of Law whereby all people in Australia are treated equally and subjected to the laws of Australia.

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The Australian Constitution in the covering clause 5 says that the Constitution “and all laws made by the Parliament of the Commonwealth under the Constitution, shall be binding on the courts, judges, and people of every State and of every part of the Commonwealth”.

The Rule of Law is characterised by 4 principles:

1. Everyone is equally accountable before the law no matter whoever they are;

2. The laws are clear, open and available to everyone. They are applied evenly and protect the rights of people and property;

3. The government is subject to the law and the processes by which the laws are enacted, administered, enforced, accessible, fair, and efficient are open and accessible to all;

4. Justice is delivered by an impartial, competent, accessible and independent judiciary who have been provided adequate resources and who reflect the makeup of the communities they serve.

My work is dedicated to upholding these values and ensuring my clients receive the best advice possible to obtain the optimum results. My pre-law small business and life experience enhance my ability in the law to listen and understand your problem. Litigation may not be the best way forward and wherever possible I prefer to settle matters without proceeding to court to save the costs and anxiety litigation brings. Whether you are buying a property, contesting a will or business contract or property settlement in your family matter we are here to assist.


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Published On: October 12th, 2021 / Categories: Civil Law, Criminal Law, Family Law /

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