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Deal with emergencies – Deal with legal obligations – Provide care or assistance to a vulnerable person

“We take care of the future best by taking care of the present now”
― Jon Kabat-Zin

In this time of lockdown, stand down and voluntary home detention, there are people who need legal services and advice.

In an endeavour to assist my clients and others I am keeping my office open and staying available. Especially those who require:

1. notary services; and
2. legal services such as drafting of wills and enduring powers of attorneys and enduring guardianships.

In this time of crisis, we need to address such matters in light of the Public Health Orders. My provision of these services and attendances at my office falls within the Orders for people needing documents for matters needing notarised documents for overseas and those at risk needing to ensure their family can be protected should they become infected.

I mentioned in my January newsletter a special offer to create a power of attorney and guardianship. I am now repeating this offer to anyone who is over 60 years or susceptible to the Coronavirus, not for $600.00, which is the cost for me to do but, for just $95.00. I will contribute the other $500 odd dollars myself. Obviously, as this will take a good hour of my time to do. You will need to book and make suitable travel arrangements to comply with the Public Health Orders. Please telephone me on 0419 233 670 if you require any of these services.

If you or anyone you know can benefit from this newsletter, please pass it on. I remain here to assist you.

Have a wonderful day


Published On: April 3rd, 2020 / Categories: News /

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