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“What takes a lifetime to build can be destroyed overnight – build anyway.”
Mother Theresa.

In this time of lockdown, stand down and voluntary home detention, negotiation is more important than ever.

Not only do we need to negotiate this crisis but we have to negotiate with each other. With the shutdown of businesses money is in short supply. Not only money to pay rents and mortgages but even for the basic necessities of life. More than anything we are reminded that we are all connected and reliant upon each other. At this time, respect and consideration for ourselves and others is paramount. The landlord or tenant, debtor or creditor is the person with whom we need to rely upon not only during but more importantly after this crisis.

I have had some clients who are requesting me to take action for recovery of rent or invoices. I have asked them to consider their position very carefully, as we are all in this together. We cannot destroy good relationships now. We need our tenants and clients after this crisis for our own recovery. Here are very important considerations that made my litigation practice a success:

1. Always consider what is happening from the other side;
2. Look through their eyes;
3. Find solutions that meet both your needs;
4. Be respectful, speak with clarity and empathy; and
5. Look for innovative solutions.

Our tenants and clients are the people after this crisis who will assist our return to normality and prosperity in the near future. Our government is working to assist us as best it can. This is one world, one Australia, one community. Let us work together to defeat this virus and allow us to prosper once more.

Here is an additional little something that I think you will benefit from:

If you operate in the world of leadership or business and you are a bit confused or unsure how to deal with the current environment, and prepare for the new normal that is coming, I’ve been working with someone over the years who has helped me enormously, especially during these times. His name is Ronan Powell and I recommend you contact him if you need some help. He is a business and executive coach and he works with people in many different ways. You can contact him 0424 163 709 or email

If you or anyone you know can benefit from this newsletter, please pass it on. I remain here to assist you.

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