Good morning,

 “I’ve been served a notice, please help me.”

I commonly get calls from clients needing assistance because someone has threatened or has taken them to court. As a business person before I became a lawyer, I have had the experience of being wrongly taken to court and I know how it feels. I need someone who would listen and explain what was happening to me.

Legal processes are like a maze to the uninitiated and immediate response is critical. With over 15 years helping clients as a lawyer and more than 20 years of business experience. I am in a position to understand what is happening to you and equipped to steer you to safety. Law at best is confusing with its rules and procedures. It is a monster unless you have the requisite skills and knowledge that I have to effectively protect your interests. I listen, explain and provide practical commercially sensible advice. I actively work to save your hard-earned money by treating you with the respect and consideration you deserve.

As a solicitor/advocate I spend much of my time preparing and appearing in court where I work effectively and economically to your best result. I represent many other solicitors in going to court due to my extensive experience. From the local court to the High Court of Australia I have personally represented my clients and provided the information and skill to get the best results.

Whether it is a personal or business matter you can always contact me to assist.

Kind Regards,

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