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I recently had a telephone call from a client who told me that:

“I want to buy a house, can you look after my purchase?.”

I truly care about my clients and do my best to ensure they have a smooth journey when buying a house. I undertake enquiries to discover all readily available information which is included in my fixed price. In this case my inquiries revealed that the land was subject overland flowing water. A matter that was not discussed by the agent selling the property. A property such as this may result in a lower than expected bank valuation which will mean the bank may not lend as much as you require or cause problems after purchase. Due to my discovery my client was then able to make an informed decision.

Buying a property for most people is the largest purchase that they will make in their lives. It is for that reason you need to employ an experienced conveyancer who knows all the pitfalls and traps that purchasers can encounter. In giving you an advice to a client a lawyer needs to undertake many enquiries, then provide you with a written advice, ensuring that you understand everything regarding contract.

All contracts contain additional conditions to the standard Law Society Sale of Land contract. These must be fully investigated and explained to you. Those which are not in your interest must be requested to be deleted. Important matters such as caveats, easements, right-of-ways etc. need to be investigated and explained to you.

All too often many people do not understand the amount of time that is required to ensure a property is going to meet their needs and that there is suitable for the purpose they wish. I often spend considerable amounts of time making enquiries including to many government authorities to ensure to the best of my ability that the property meets your expectations.

If you; you; your family or friends are thinking of either buying or selling your property please contact me.

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Published On: July 13th, 2019 / Categories: Family Law / Tags: /

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