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I spoke recently about communication and how it is very important that it occurs promptly and in a timely manner. We are now in a unique situation where the government has closed down many businesses resulting in casual and permanent employees losing shifts and, in many cases, having no work or income at all. In these very trying times, we are all being affected. Especially now, prompt and open communication is an absolute necessity.

For those affected, it is necessary to advise your bank and creditors of your situation. In an effort to assist you I am providing a draft letter which you can use to advise your bank or creditor. I am sure that such a letter, when received, will be given prompt attention and if possible, you will be given consideration. There are several rules you need to follow:

1. Be brief and polite;
2. State facts;
3. Do your best; and
3. Be understanding.

Draft Letter for rent reduction

For Renters:

Your Name
Your email/telephone


Dear Mr/Ms

Your name
Your address

Due to the restrictions brought about by the COVID 19 situation I have been stood down/had my hours of employment restricted.

Whilst I am aware of my rental payment obligations, my ability to pay my rent has been affected. In these circumstances I request that consideration be given to my present circumstances. I wish to explore ways we can work together to help each other as I am aware you also have your commitments. I hope you can consider either;

a. a temporary rent reduction (effective until the job situation has improved) or
b. a payment plan which we can work out together.

I hope we can work together to ensure I can stay in my home. I appreciate your urgent reply to discuss this unfortunate situation.

Kind regards,

Your name

I hope this is of assistance in these troubling and unique times. If I can assist further please do not hesitate in contacting me.
Kind Regards,


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