Safety and help when required is paramount.

The implications of ringing triple-zero.

In New South Wales children are taught at preschool and we are all remined that here in Australia, when you need assistance and are in dire need, that you should ring triple-zero, 000. This telephone service will bring assistance by either the police, fire brigade or ambulance service as requested. This number must only be used when, and only when there is an emergency.

It MUST not be used as a general number for the police or for general reporting. When you telephone this number, the following occurs:

  1. In the absence of a specific service being requested the police will be requested to attend the premises;
  2. Automatic tracking of the incoming telephone call will within minutes, to locate the geographic location of the call;
  3. If there is any evidence of domestic violence, the police must lay charges against the suspected perpetrator.
  4. When the police arrive at the location they will activate their vest video cameras to record everything from arrival, until leaving the location; and
  5. These recordings can be used as evidence in any Court proceedings.

My client’s 4-year-old son had been taught at school to ring 000 in an emergency. This is very important for children to learn, as has assisted in saving lives when children have rung after an accident at home. In this case, my client’s son had just rung and hung up. This occurred without my client’s knowledge. Approximately 20 minutes after the call, the police arrived at the home and queried my client as to what had happened. They questioned him as to why triple-zero had been called. My client did not know. After the police had inspected the home and ensured everyone was safe, they departed. My client and his son were the only people at home. He asked his son if he knew about ringing triple-zero. His son told him that he had been taught at preschool to ring triple-zero. My client confirmed this next day with his son’s preschool teacher.

Another client had an argument with his wife, in anger she rang triple-zero to scare him. She did not give her name or address. Within half an hour the police arrived. The police must charge a person who threatens a relative, spouse or de facto spouse. The police asked if her husband had made any threats against her. Her recorded responses, unknown to her, could be used in court proceedings. Ion this occasion, I was able to make submissions to the Court on my client’s guilty plea. Fortunately, the Court accepted his plea and my submissions and made an order that his conviction was not to be recorded and no penalty.

I hope this information is of assistance. Only phone triple zero in an emergency, to phone triple-zero otherwise may cause automatic police callout. If I can be of assistance to you to anyone you know, please contact me.



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Published On: December 19th, 2021 / Categories: Criminal Law, Family Law /

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