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In-House Counsel

Jeffrey Choy, Principle of JCL Legal has the experience as a small business owner, lawyer and non-executive director to help business thrive and prosper by assisting to tame the monster called “LAW”. Most businesses require the services of an “In-house Counsel” so they have a lawyer who not only knows business but knows “their business”, who can:

In-house Counsel
  • Provide an audit to ensure regulatory compliance

  • Ensure legal contracts are compliant and current

  • Provide an honest unbiased opinion regarding any litigation

  • Explain the jargon and decipher the process

  • Provide the pathway to winning your case

  • Provide the questions that need asking

  • Provide the procedures to efficient and effective debt recovery

We can help navigate the law for your business

Law is a maze that confuses and due to ignorance leads to inaction and difficulties. Jeffrey understands the law, has over 20 years small business experience and extensive knowledge as a non-executive director. He is uniquely experienced to understand your position, he has been there and can steer you to safety. Law at the best is confusing and presents a maze to the uninitiated. Jeffrey is able to provide to you the power that comes with knowledge.

In providing this knowledge he is able to assist in the implementation of processes to ensure you can anticipate the potholes and navigate the land mines that lie ahead.

Below is an example of an effective pathway that Jeffrey provides to current clients, and also as a non-executive director.

Jeffrey Choy
Jeffrey Choy

Principle of JCL Legal

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Absolutely amazing. JCL Legal settled the entire legal issue, had my best interest at heart. Jeffrey was extremely patient and really had my back…


Balmain, Sydney

Jeffrey Choy

Jeffrey Choy

Principal of JCL Legal

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